My work is inspired by architecture and the forms of the favelas in Latin America. I translate its composition and structure into a new visual and aesthetic dimension of jewelry. I transfer the cognitive process to my artistic system of representation using diversified forms.

Starting from the idea, I continue experimenting with different techniques and materials, ranging from compositions in silver to gilded exhibits in connection with silk thread. I am currently working on one more urban jewelry collection, inspired by Kotti: why Berlin is my current city, at the same time I continue to investigate, studying the Thread and its different possibilities as a resource of a metalmorphosis.

Embroidery and paintings:

In my paintings and embroidery you can see all this influence of metal; woven into threads or the language of metal happening in threads something like if he drew with metal at high melted temperatures.

It would be the same way that embroidery is represented on the canvas.

When I draw I do it directly with the needle and without drawing lines.

guide, I feel that it is the most chaste with the material and the infinite
possibilities that they offer me. I enter a silent world
where nothing is ordinary, a space of possibilities; The
free human imagination Where the right balance appears
between the feminine and the masculine represented in codes. Use
for it words, objects, proportions, positions. reversible and
with this I propose a double reading in almost all my objects.

Where these two worlds in which I live are mixed. Where
symbols and codes unravel what is not seen with the naked eye.
Behind or in a place where nothing is further from the
observer: I see in the simple, laughable, short, a proposition in the
state of things that expresses a conformity between what as
Manifest person and what I have, have experienced.